Semantic Web

Semantic Web

The Competence Center Semantic Web (CCSW) is a research and development center within the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and coordinates Semantic Web technologies such as XML, RDF, DAML+OIL, XSLT, and RuleML.

The focus is on distributed information management with Web-based standardized object representations, ontologies, and rule systems. CCSW considers the Semantic Web to be the higher-level structure emerging from a multitude of semantic subwebs, each serving the needs of a specific Web community. Web objects, ontologies, and rules are being developed in various domains, from mathematical objects with their semantics to multilingual text corpora to corporate document and knowledge management.

An important issue addressed is exploring methods for the semi-automatic extraction of semantic meta data (e.g., in RDF) and ontologies (e.g., in RDF Schema) from Web objects (e.g., based on natural language processing). Another important topic is semantic information integration—i.e., the alignment, merging, and translation of Web objects and ontologies via rules. Services of CCSW are offered to both individuals and enterprises, organizations and governmental institutions. The Competence Center Semantic Web aims at synergetic effects through cooperation among a diversity of Semantic Web projects at DFKI.

CCSW is also offering consulting and project services on Semantic Web topics.

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