Gnowsis ist a Software Tool to gather, order and structure the miscellanous Information and Data that can be found on personal computers by the principles of the semantic web.

The Gnowsis system adds Semantic Web interfaces to common desktop applications. It enables users to use desktop computers like a small personal semantic web. Linking documents across applications and browsing through the personal information space is now possible. Emails, documents, addresses, photos, appointments that have been spread in the local data jungle can be linked conveniently, weaving a personal semantic web. Data structures are not changed and existing applications are extended and not replaced. Programmers can build Semantic Web and knowledge management applications on top of Gnowsis. Structured data from common desktop applications (like MS-Outlook) can be accessed in a simple web protocol, allowing developers and researchers to leverage this information.

Gnowsis ist ein Software für den Desktop, die nach den Prinzipien des Semantic Web die verschiedenartigsten Daten auf eine Rechner zusammenfasst, ordnet und strukturiert.

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